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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is, as the name would suggest, 3 panes of glass formed into one single triple glazed unit.

Our units can accommodate a 44mm triple glazed unit which offers not only improved thermal efficiency but also enhances acoustic performance.

Handy Tips

Did you know that adding triple glazed windows to a property will improve its security, energy efficiency and sound insulation?

By choosing triple glazing you can achieve a U-value of 0.8W/m2K with standard specification glass and other components.

The slim attractive appearance of our sculptured windows is maintained even with the addition of a triple glazed unit.

Their improved acoustic performance makes triple glazing an ideal solution where road noise can be a particular issue.

The same wide range of colours and decorative finishes are available in both our double and triple glazed windows.

Maximum Window Dimensions

Our window system can be used to produce almost any shape of size window. A sample range of styles and size limits are shown in the table below. The maximum dimensions shown may vary depending on the location of the installation and the local wind speed. The size of the window is governed by the limiting deflection of the glass and the hardware size/weight limitations. This will define the maximum length of the mullion/transom and the glass area.

Max. WidthMax. HeightMax. Combined
Side Hung Sash740mm1340mm2100mm
Top Hung Sash1240mm1240mm2400mm
Window Features
  • Fully sculpted five chamber profile suite
  • Complete range of window styles
  • 24mm, 28mm & 44mm glazing options
  • Identical internally glazed sash and externally glazed frame feature
  • Dedicated clip floating mullion
  • 10mm seal overlap on all casement sashes to increase weather performance
  • All sashes accept 22mm back set locks
  • Bespoke heritage horns
  • PCE Low line Gasket
  • RCM, Steel, and Aluminium reinforcement
  • Single leg glazing bead for click fit installation

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