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UPVC Doors

PVC doors – sometimes called panel doors – come in a fantastic variety of styles to suit every home. There are plenty of advantages to choosing a PVC replacement door as they are virtually maintenance free, provide top-level security, and dramatically improve your home's energy efficiency.

Why choose UPVC Doors
  • Maintenance free - no more painting
  • Large selection of designs
  • Safety by means of an integrated MDF sheet above and below the Styrofoam centre
  • UV stability on white doors have been tested to the equivalent of 10 years exposure to sunlight, and 5 years on our colours without showing the slightest discoloration
  • Large variety of colours and glass designs available for doors, top-lights and sidelights
  • Damaged glass is easily replaced due to our glazing methods. The internal beading in glass doors cannot be removed from the outside
  • All panels have raised centre mouldings like a traditional door
  • Doors and frames are made to measure
  • Large variety of frame designs to choose from
  • Double glazing as standard
  • Safety toughened glass is used in all of our glazing units
  • Multi point locking system with two choices of handles available, one which locks when closed from the outside, the other which doesn't. You decide.

The Benefits

We know that every home is different, and no two householders will have exactly the same requirements. That's why we offer a fantastic range of choices – from a sleek modern look for a contemporary home to a traditional, vintage-style door fit for an older property.

All doors are made to measure, enabling virtually any height and width of door to be fitted. Matching side panels can be added to the package to create a truly stunning entrance to your home.

Lightweight & Strong

Our PVC doors employ the latest technology to make them lightweight and extremely strong. Their toughness and resilience mean that they give you high security, requiring very little maintenance, and will keep their good looks season after season, year after year.

Add to that the fact that they feature high levels of thermal insulation as standard – meaning a welcome reduction to your fuel bills – and we truly believe you will have the perfect package for your home.


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