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Sliding Doors

In terms of functionality and ease of use, the sliding door has come a very long way. Gone are the cumbersome, fault-prone sliding doors you might have encountered 10 years ago. In their place is an altogether different proposition.

Our PVC Sliding Doors are an ideal and affordable option for anyone looking for an attractive and flexible way to access the great outdoors.

Why choose Sliding Doors
  • Sliding doors allow the light to flood into your home, whilst at the same time enhancing its sense of space.
  • Whether you’re seeking access to your garden, swimming pool, roof terrace or patio, our sliding door system will offer you the flexibility you need.
  • Sliding doors also make effective and attractive room dividers, either between your home and conservatory, or internally – perhaps leading to an extension.
  • To complement our range of PVC-U windows, our sliding doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, with each unit made to measure.
  • You will be sure to find a size, style and combination that will suit your home perfectly.



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