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Composite Doors

Composite doors are made from a very smart material called glass-reinforced plastic, or GRP. This is a particular type of plastic that has been reinforced with fine glass fibres i.e. fibreglass.

Why choose Composite Doors
  • Maintenance Free Finishing
  • Its 65mm Fibreglass reinforced Monocoque core provides superior and unrivalled strength and endurance.
  • The complete unit provides a U-Value of 0.65. This is, at least, twice as much heat retention as a typical PVC Door.
  • The door surface is covered with a natural PVC wood grain, which is virtually identical to real timber.
  • All doors and frames are made to measure.
  • Triple glazed units, with toughened glass as standard.
  • Glazing units cannot be removed from the outside.
  • Multi point locking systems as standard.
  • Choose from a large selection of glass designs and door colours.


The Benefits

The result is a lightweight material with incredible strength and resilience.

Perfect, in other words, for a strong, hardwearing door that combines good looks and elegance with all the protection you need.

Because of its unique durability, those good looks will last for years to come with very little maintenance required – a quick wipe down every now and then will keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

Composite doors combine the best qualities of plastic and glass into one highly tough material.

They’re completely waterproof and will withstand the worst weather imaginable.

They won’t warp, expand or contract in different conditions – so you’ll never have to worry about draughts or an ill fit.

Made to Measure

As you’d expect, all composite doors are made to measure, matching your exact requirements.

They’re available in a range of colours and styles so they will blend in with your surroundings, whether you live in a vintage property or a contemporary home.

Just ask one of our expert sales team for the range of options available.

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